CC daily 15 – CCM 47-53 – Serve the Lord with sound strategy

Published on Feb 09, 2015

CC Madhya 4.47
pratah-snana kari’ puri grama-madhye gela
saba loka ekatra kari’ kahite lagila

After taking his morning bath, Madhavendra Puri entered the village and assembled all the people. Then he spoke as follows.

CC Madhya 4.48
gramera isvara tomara — govardhana-dhari
kuñje ache, cala, tanre bahira ye kari

“The proprietor of this village, Govardhana-dhari, is lying in the bushes. Let us go there and rescue Him from that place.

CC Madhya 4.49
atyanta nivida kuñja, — nari pravesite
kuthari kodali laha dvara karite
“The bushes are very dense, and we will not be able to enter the jungle. Therefore take choppers and spades to clear the way.”

CC Madhya 4.50
suni’ loka tanra sange calila harise
kuñja kati’ dvara kari’ karila pravese
After hearing this, all the people accompanied Madhavendra Puri with great pleasure. According to his directions, they cut down bushes, cleared a path and entered the jungle.

CC Madhya 4.51
thakura dekhila mati-trne acchadita
dekhi’ saba loka haila anande vismita
When they saw the Deity covered with dirt and grass, they were all struck with wonder and pleasure.

CC Madhya 4.52
avarana dura kari’ karila vidite
maha-bhari thakura — keha nare calaite
After they had cleansed the body of the Deity, some of them said, “The Deity is very heavy. No single person can move Him.”

CC Madhya 4.53
maha-maha-balistha loka ekatra kariña
parvata-upari gela puri thakura laña
Since the Deity was very heavy, some of the stronger men assembled to carry Him to the top of the hill. Madhavendra Puri also went there.

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