Conquer Provocative Mind with Evocative Mantra (Gita Daily)

Published on Oct 13, 2013

Based on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 06, Text 36

We may sometimes doubt: “The mind is so wild. Will I ever be able to conquer it?”

Surely we can, reassures the Bhagavad-gita (06.36), provided we strive by appropriate means.

The mind provokes us by fantasizing about worldly pleasures. However, these fantasies of the mind are just that: fantasies. No matter how real and rapturous the fantasy of pleasure appears, the real pleasure in all worldly indulgences is meager and measly.

As we cannot live without pleasure, the only way we can sustainably save ourselves from the provocative mind is by experiencing a higher happiness. The easiest way to experience this higher happiness is by chanting mantras comprising the holy names of Krishna. Among various such mantras, the Hare Krishna mahamantra is the most recommended mantra for the current cosmic age.

Chanting the mantra evokes the higher happiness in two ways, through remembrance and service:

1. Remembrance: All of us have an innate, inalienable relationship of love with Krishna. Just as the remembrance of a loved one warms our heart with joy, the remembrance of the supreme beloved Krishna warms our heart with the supreme joy.

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