‘Decoding the Labyrinth of Life’ – Ramayana (The Game of Life)

Published on May 23, 2014

‘Decoding the Labyrinth of Life’
A 3 day seminar based on the timeless epic Ramayana (The Game of Life)
Fri 13th June — Lord Rama — The Spiritual Pilot
Sat 14th June — Unwind your Mind
Sun 15th June – Rings of Love – Secrets to Healthy Relationships

A good game is full of twists and turns at every stage and promises to thrill with its absolute unpredictability of results. But no one wants the same to happen in real life. Life should be extremely predictable and smooth — this is what most of us are comfortable with.

Decoding the Labyrinth of Life is one way to understand how we can incorporate the lessons of Ramayana in our life; how we can learn from Rama who possessed all qualities of a true hero; understand the principles that underlie healthy relationships in our lives – between parents and children, between husband and wife, between brothers, between a leader and his followers.

The Ramayana is not a book; it is a way of life. We invite you to decode the labyrinth of your life…

Date — 13th, 14th, 15th June, 2014
Time – 7-9 pm followed by prasadam
Speaker — Shubha Vilas das
Venue – Sri Patidar Samaj Hall, 6 Mafatlal Baug, Nest to French Bridge, Girgaum Chowpatty, Grant Road West, Mumbai, India

Registration Fee — Rs. 500/- Includes dinner prasadam and a complimentary copy of the book Ramayana — The Game of Life

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