Merciful Lord – Ajamila

Published on Feb 28, 2014

GGHS – Shachi Shirwadkar

Class 3


We all know that Lord Sri Krishna is Bhaktavatsal meaning that he is all merciful. We hear lot of stories from scriptures about the Lord giving his mercy to his devotees but today overhear I am going to narrate a story where the Lord had showered his mercy on his devotee who had left the path of devotion.
Once there was a brahamana named Ajamila who lived in the city of Kanyakubja. In his youth, Ajamila had all the good qualities and devotionally worshiped the Lord. Due to this, he was very mild and gentle and had controlled over his senses. He was expert in chanting the Vedic mantras and was very truthful. He was respectful towards his superiors and guest and he was compassionate towards all living entities. He was always very well behaved, nonenvious and was freed from all false prestige.
Once on the order of his father, Ajamila went to the forest to collect fruits, flowers. While walking along the road, Ajamila happened to come upon a very lusty woman embracing a man. Upon seeing this, the lusty desires within Ajamila came up and he starting thinking of the prostitute. Then, after the death of his father, Ajamila engaged her as a servant in his house. Ajamila began to spend all the money to satisfy her. He gave up the company of his beautiful wife and engaged in all sinful acts in the prostitute’s association.
Ajamila had ten sons among which the youngest son was Narayana. Ajamila was very attached to his son Narayana. He used to take very special care of his son and would regularly call out “My dear Narayana, Please come here and eat this food, Narayana please come and drink this milk”. By constantly calling his son, Ajamila unknowingly was calling the name of the Supreme Lord.
When the time to death came Ajamila saw three ferocious looking Yamdutas with twisted faces standing over his bodies. Being extremely afraid, Ajamila loudly called out for his small son Narayana, who was playing nearby. Though he was calling for his child, Ajamila somehow chanted the holy name of the Lord at the time of death in anxiety with tears in his eyes.
After hearing the holy names of their master from the mouth of dying Ajamila, Vishnudutas immediately arrived there and freed Ajamila from the clutches of Yamdutas. Since Ajamila had worshiped the Lord in the past, as a reward for his service the Lord mercifully inspired him to name his youngest son Narayana. When Ajamila continued to call his son Narayana, he was continuously chanting the name of Lord and getting purified. Ajamila came to know the special mercy bestowed upon him by his beloved Lord and decided to atone for his sins, chanting the holy name and went back to the abode of the Supreme, All merciful Lord Krishna.