Merciful Lord – Trinavarta

Published on Feb 28, 2014

GGHS – Vishaka Kumar

Class 4

The Killing of the Demon Trnavarta
1. One day, a year after Krsna’s appearance, mother Yasoda was patting her son on her lap. But suddenly she felt the child to be heavier than a mountain peak, and she could no longer bear His weight.
2. Feeling the child to be as heavy as the entire universe, the astonished mother Yasoda put the child down on the ground.
3. While the child was sitting on the ground, a demon named Trnavarta, who was a servant of Kamsa’s, came there as a whirlwind, at Kamsa’s instigation, and very easily carried the child away into the air.
4. Covering the whole land of Gokula with particles of dust, that demon, acting as a strong whirlwind, covered everyone’s vision and began vibrating everywhere with a greatly fearful sound.
5. For a moment, the whole pasturing ground was overcast with dense darkness from the dust storm, and mother Yasoda was unable to find her son where she had placed Him. Thus she fell down on the ground like a cow who has lost her calf and began to lament very pitifully.
6. Having assumed the form of a forceful whirlwind, the demon Trnavarta took Krsna very high in the sky, but when Krsna became heavier than the demon, the demon had to stop his force and could go no further.
7. Because of Krsna’s weight, Trnavarta considered Him to be like a great mountain or a hunk of iron. But because Krsna had caught the demon’s neck, the demon was unable to throw Him off.
8. With Krsna grasping him by the throat, Trnavarta choked, unable to make even a sound or even to move his hands and legs. His eyes popping out, the demon lost his life and fell, along with the little boy, down to the ground of Vraja.
9. While the gopis who had gathered were crying for Krsna, the demon fell from the sky onto a big slab of stone, and his limbs got dislocated.
10. The gopis immediately picked Krsna up from the chest of the demon and delivered Him, free from all inauspiciousness, to mother Yasoda. Because the child, although taken into the sky by the demon, was unhurt and now free from all danger and misfortune, the gopis and cowherd men, headed by Nanda Maharaja, were extremely happy