Udupi – Kanakanaka Kindi and Madhava Sarovar

Published on Nov 22, 2014

Kanakana Kindi
Shri Kanakadasa was a great devotee of Lord Shri Krishna. He lived at around the same time as Shri Vadiraja Swamiji at Udupi and was carrying out his Bhajans in front of the temple regularly.Kanakadasa, an ardent believer of God, came to Udupi to worship Lord Krishna. He was not allowed inside the temple since he was from a lower caste. Sri Krishna, pleased by the worship of Kanakadasa created a small hole in the back wall of the temple and turned to face the hole so that Kanakadasa could see him. This hole came to be known as Kanakana Kindi. As per custom, the Swamiji who takes over charge of the worship for 2 years (paryaya) is required to see the Lord first through this spot. The sight of the beautiful deity of Krishna is available to everybody since then through the Kanakanakindi.

Madhva Sarovar
The tank is amongst the most sacred of ancient Theerthas in our country. It is believed that once in 12 years Mother Ganga flows into this Theertha filling it with her bounty. This was stressed repeatedly by the Saint Vijayadasa in his kritis.
To experience the full realization of this theertha a comprehensive reading of the SKANDA PURANA ? SAHYADRI KHANDA ? Section is advised. This theertha is named Madhwa Sarovara from the original PAAPA NASHINI (washing away of sins) after the period of Acharya Madhwa.
In the South West corner of the Madhwa Sarovar is a beautiful deity of Bhagirathi seated on a crocodile. In the middle of the tank is a beautiful mantapa. The deites of the Ashta Mathas are specially worshipped (Ksheerabdi Pooja) on the evening of Utthana Dwadashi every year. During Rathosthsava Nights, floating festival or Teppothsava takes place. This mantapa was constructed by Shri Raghavendra Swamiji of Puthige Matha in the 16th century.

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