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Published on Nov 28, 2014

Places close to Udipi
1) Malpe Beach:
There is a temple at Malpe which is known as odabhaandishvara. This temple of Lord Balaram at Malpe is well worth a visit and appears to be of great vintage.This is the deity which was acquired by Madhavacharya alongwith Udipi Krishna. It is only a short distance to the beach from the temple and so it is possible to walk to where Sri Madhva saved the ship carrying the deity of Sri Krishna from being wrecked during a storm.

2) Pajaka Kshetra:
It is at a distance of 12 kms from Udupi. It was at this place that Lord Parashurama created 4 ponds namely Gadathirtha, Parashuthirtha, Banathirtha, Dhanushthirtha and installed goddess Durga atop the hill. The house where Shri Madhwacharya was born is at the foot of the hill. Even to this day one could see the spots where the Acharya spent his childhood and performed miracles.

Some memorabilia of the seer can be found here, like the huge banyan tree and the two stones he lifted and the pond from where he used to fetch water.

Reaching pajaka: it is around 12 km from Udupi. One can go to Katapady by bus(whichever bus goes towards Mangalore go via Katapady) and from there we can take another bus (frequency is less) or we can go by auto riksha(distance is around 6km from Katapady to Pajaka)

Prasadam @ pajaka: if we inform the residents (descendants of madvacharya) then they prepare delicious south Indian prasadam but there is no prasadam distribution otherwise.

Staying facility @ pajaka: the temple has a guest house adjacent to the temple. (may accommodate 200-250 but not sure.)

Places in Pajaka:
1. The same house in which Madhvacharya lived,
2. Anathapadmanabha Swami temple inside the house,
3. The stone on which Madhvacharya started aksharabhyasa,.
4. Gurukul,
5. Tamarind tree which came out from the seed given by Madhvacharya to his father in order to clear the debt of his father,
6. Pushkarini which was constructed by Madhvacharya (by inviting all the holy rivers together) for his old parents who were unable but wanted to go on a pilgrimage to take bath in all the major holy rivers,
7. Banyan tree (a beautiful place to have class. Can easily accommodate around 100)
8. Guest house.

Gokarna, 180 kms from Udupi, is famous all over India for the Atmalinga of Lord Shiva in its ancient Mahabaleshwara temple. This temple is considered as important as the famous Kashi Viswanatha temple in Benares. According to the legends, Ravana obtained the Atmalinga from Lord Shiva whom he worshipped through great penance. He was, however, told that the Linga should not be put on the ground till he reached his place. While Ravana was on his way back home, Lord Ganesha, in the guise of a small boy, offered to hold the Lingam on his palms, when Ravana had to answer the Nature’s call, on the understanding that the boy would call him thrice and if Ravana failed to come, he would put it down. Ravana did fail to come when called, and the Atmalinga got embedded in the earth. Ravana could not extricate it with all the effort at his command. In doing so, one part, which came off, had the shape of a cow’s ear (Gokarna). Hence the place came to be known as such. The Lingam at Gokarna came to be known as Mahabala since it could not be lifted from the ground.

It is said that the second part of the Lingam got twisted around and came to be known as Murdeshwar. Overlooking the sea, there is a lovely temple constructed over this part of the Lingam. This place known as Murdeshwar is situated between Bhatkal and Honnavar, on the west coast highway. There is a Guest House nearby for the convenience of the pilgrims.

The remnant of the Atmalingam which came off like a blade, is known as Dhareshwar (Dhar means a sharp edge) and is at a place called Dhareshwar nearby.

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