Why there are so many different religions existing in the world?

Published on Jan 21, 2015

Question: Why there are so many different religions existing in the world? Why Hinduism permits idol worship while Islam doesn’t? How can we see God in a statue rather than a pure golden form of light? I am confused about these, can anyone throw light on this?

A.God appears in different parts of the world in different forms for different people as per their faith. But it is the same God. That is why there is reference of ISLAM and Christianinty in our Vedic scriptures. It is like Goverment opening various colleges for various students. For most intelligent students there are IIT, IIM, AIIMS, etc. For others, there are engineering colleges and for others there are diploma courses. Everybody gets a chance to be educated as per the intelligence level.

Islam was preached to a very different sect of people in desert area. As per time, place and circumstances, the religion was spoken by the messengers of same God. If one follows ISLAM properly, he will also reach the same supreme destination.

You can offer fruits and flower to a Deity, you can pray and reveal your heart before a deity. Thus, you can develop a personal relation with the Lord through a Deity which is not possible with a golden form of light.

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