Which came first egg or the hen?

Published on Jan 08, 2015

Question: Did the egg come first or the hen?

Answer: This question has bugged humanity since a long time.
Trying to solve this question has wasted a lot of time of many philosophers.

All they can do is speculate. There is no way to ascertain the facts with surety.

Better is to try to solve the real problems of life as identified by
advanced spiritualists–birth, old age, disease and death.

If we can solve these problems, we really stand to gain eternal life free from all troubles and all questions.

Life in the womb for nine months is very constricting and painful.

Even birth causes the child to cry out loudly.
Death certainly is painful because it causes us to leave behind all our cherished people and possessions without a prior notice.

Imagine being suddenly asked to vacate your home and leave behind your family by some powerful people who come to your home without informing you (they even tell you that you are never going to see
your loved ones and your possesseions again).

About old age and disease, we all have got practical experience every day.

So, it is advisable to utilise our valuable time to inquire into solving
these real problems

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