Gaya – Start of Sankirtana movement by Lord Chaitanya

Published on Dec 11, 2014

Early ever morning, all His students would assemble for their studies. However, when He, who is the master of the three worlds, sat and began to lecture nothing but Krishna would appear upon His tongue.

The students asked, “What is the correct and perfect understanding of the alphabet?” The Lord replied, “Lord Narayaea is situated in all the letters of the alphabet.”

The students asked, “How were the letters of the alphabet perfected?” The Lord replied, “The merciful glance of Lord Krishna created the alphabet.” The students responded, “O Pandita, please give the correct understanding.” The Lord said, “At every moment, one should remember Lord Krishna. I am describing the worship of Lord Krishna, which is the purpose of all the scriptures. In their beginning, middle, and end, the scriptures only teach the worship of Lord Krishna.”

Upon hearing the Lord’s explanation, the students began to laugh. One murmured, “The cause of this strange explanation is an imbalance of the life-airs. The students again asked, “From where did you get this idea?” The Lord replied, “This is the ultimate conclusion of scripture.”

The Lord said, “If you cannot now understand, then contemplate the matter and this afternoon I will explain in more detail. Each student should go to a secluded place and study his books. In the afternoon we will meet again.” Upon hearing the Lord’s words, the surprised students tied up their books and left.

All the students then went to Gaigadasa and related the words and explanations of the Lord. They said, “Nimai Pandita now declares that all words of the scriptures refer to Lord Krishna alone. After returning home from Gaya, he talks only of Krishna and gives nothing else as an explanation. He continually chants the name of Lord Krishna, feeling great ecstasy. sometimes He laughs aloud, sometimes roars aloud, and sometimes His whole body breaks out into horripilation. In this way, different symptoms manifest within Him. When He sits down to teach, He connects the root of every single word to Krishna. All His purports and commentaries describe Krishna. This new transformation in Him seems to be so alien to us. Please, Oh Master, please tell us what should we do?”

Gaigadasa Pandita, the jewel-like teacher of Navadvipa, smiled and after listening to the complaints of the students, told them, “Go home now and return this afternoon, I will instruct Nimai. I will see that He tutors all of you properly from now on. You may also come with Nimai; be here with your books this afternoon.

Later, that afternoon, the Lord visited Gaigadasa Pandita and touched His master’s feet with respect. In turn, Gaigadasa Pandita blessed Him saying, “May You become highly learned.” He then continued, “My dear Visvambhara, I must tell You something. You know that it is no small matter for a Brahmin to be able to teach. It is a question of good fortune.

“Your grandfather is none other that sri Nilambara Cakravarti, and Your father is sri Jagannatha Misra; both are great scholars. Neither of Your parent’s families is illiterate, and You, Yourself, are a very able scholar with an exceptional faculty to give commentary. Would You say that one achieves the path of devotion to the Lord by giving up his education and learning? In that case, are not Your parents devotees of the Lord? You should learn and study properly, for only through proper education and learning can one become a Vaineava Brahmin.

“How can an illiterate Brahmin develop the faculty for discriminating between good and bad, proper and improper? Knowing this You should chant Krishna’s name and continue Your education. Go, teach the scriptures in the proper way with the proper explanations, and do not try to misconstrue the meanings. It brings me tremendous anxiety.”

The Lord replied, “By your grace and the mercy of your lotus feet, there is no one in Navadvipa who can defeat Me in any argument? Who can refute My arguments, and then establish a new and original concept? I will go into the centre of town and teach publicly. I would like to see who has the courage to find the faults and mistakes in My commentaries.”

The teacher, Gaigadasa Pandita, was very pleased when Visvambhara offered His obeisances to His master and left. Gaigadasa Pandita is such a fortunate and an elevated personality that the disciple offering obeisances to his feet is none other than the Lord of sarasvati Devi, the Goddess of Learning. For what more can Gaigadasa Pandita aspire? His disciple is the most worshipable Lord of the entire universe….

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