Gaya – Vishvambara’s 1st Class after returning to Navadvipa

Published on Dec 11, 2014

Early every morning, the Lord went for His bath in the Gaiga, and upon His return, He found the students awaiting Him. The Lord uttered only Krishna’s name and nothing else; the students could not understand their teacher’s mood. On the students’ request, the Lord sat down to teach. The students sat down and opened their books, taking the Lord’s name, ‘Hari’, as they were accustomed. The son of sacimaoa, Nimai Paeoita was greatly overjoyed at hearing His beloved Lord’s name. He again became absorbed, forgetting His external senses, and looked upon everyone with His merciful glance. Wholly absorbed in Krishna, the Lord began explaining to His students. He told His students that the essential lesson of everything was Lord Krishna, all aphorisms, commentaries, and dissertations, were actually describing the glories of the Holy Name.

The Lord said, “The only eternal truth is the Holy Name of Krishna, Krishna is the only worshipable Lord in all the scriptures. Krishna is the supreme Controller, Maintainer, and the Lord of the entire creation. Lord siva, Lord Brahma and every other deity are His servants. Whosoever tries to explain anything without describing the lotus feet of Lord Krishna is in illusion; his words are untrue and his birth is useless. The entire Vedanta, the agamas, and all other philosophical treatises point out that devotion to the lotus feet of Krishna is the ultimate and only goal.

“All the mundane scholars are mesmerized by the illusory potency of the Lord, totally lost because they cannot find shelter at the lotus feet of Krishna. Lord Krishna is an ocean of mercy. He is the life and soul of every living entity. He is the most dear to His surrendered souls and is the dear son of Mother Yasoda. A person may be well versed in all scriptures, but if he has no attraction and attachment for the Holy Name of Lord Krishna, then he follows the path of destruction and hell. On the other hand, if a wretched and abominable person chants Lord Krishna’s name, then even if he is most sinful, he reaches the supreme abode of Lord Krishna after leaving this material world. This is the verdict of all the scriptures and if anyone doubts this then he is the worst sufferer. If anyone tries to explain the scriptures without having taken shelter of the lotus feet of Lord Krishna, then such a degraded person can never know the true purport of the scriptures. He pretends to be a teacher of the scriptures, yet knows not the essence and message of the scriptures. He is like a washerman’s donkey carrying the load of all the scriptures. such a soul is truly unfortunate because, in spite of his education, he has forfeited the joy of Krishna consciousness.

“People in general are so foolish; instead of meditating upon the supreme Lord, Sri Krishna, they meditate on other personalities, not knowing that the one supreme Lord Krishna mercifully offered liberation even to the demoness Pütana, who had come to kill Him. What greater pleasure can they receive, other than that obtained by glorifying Lord Krishna did He not redeem even the most sinful demon, Aghasura? Just the Holy Name of supreme Lord, Krishna, alone can purify the entire universe. Even the highest living being of the universe, Lord Brahma, experiences misery in his life, yet he becomes overwhelmed with joy when he participates in the great saikirtana celebrations surrounding Lord Krishna. Nevertheless, these unfortunate fallen souls disregard this sublime nectar to sing, dance, and revel in inauspicious mundane festivities.

“Intoxicated by wealth, high birth, education and the like, they do not know the wonders of the Holy Name of Krishna, which liberated Ajamila just by being chanted once. My dear students and brothers, please hear me carefully for everything I say is very true, you should just worship the lotus feet of Lord Sri Krishna, the most precious treasure. Laknmi Devi always desires to serve these lotus feet. Lord siva has become a pure devotee just by taking shelter of them. These supreme lotus feet are the ultimate source of Mother Gaiga. so all of you, My dear brothers, please simply take shelter of the Lord’s lotus feet. Now I send out a challenge: Refute the explanations that I have just rendered!”

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