Melukote – Introduction

Published on Dec 06, 2014

Melukote is built on rocky hills overlooking the Kaveri valley.
Melukote is also referred as Thirunarayanapuram or Yadavagiri (Yadu hill where Lord Krishna and Balarama of the Yadu dynasty worshiped the Lord in dvapara-yuga) or Vedagiri (means Veda hill from which Lord Dattatreya instructed his disciples), Dakshina Badrikachalam (the southern Badrinatha), Yathisailam (the place of great teacher, Ramanujacarya).
It is believed that Melukote derives its name from the Fort on the Top- “Melu” means “top” and “Kote” means “Fort”.
Ramanujacharya spent at least twelve years in Melukote (may-lu-ko-tay), setting up strict standards of deity worship still followed today.
Melkote is located in Mandya district of Karnataka state in India. This place is very well known for its various famous temples and an important festival called Vairamudi for which pilgrims come from all parts of India. Daily cultural activities like devotional songs, classical dances take place in the Chaluvanarayanaswamy temple premesis. Great personalities have visited Melukote: Lord Krsna, Lord Balarama, Lord Ramacandra, Lord Datta-treya, the Pandavas, Narada Muni, Sanat-kumara, Prahlada Maharaja, Ambarisa Maharaja, Parasara Muni, and Sri Ramanujacarya.

This is a small introduction of Melukote.

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