News- ISKCON Hungary Celebrates Christmas With Massive Food Distribution

Published on Dec 26, 2014

During the month of December, ‘Food For Life Hungary’ ISKCON Hungary’s charity program has been distributing 30 tons of dry food (rice, flour, oil, pasta, canned vegetables) as well as 30,000 plates of hot meal to the needy all across the country.

The ‘Christmas packages’ that the volunteers have been giving out in 12 locations and cities represent the only source of food for many families during the cold winter and the holiday season.

According to surveys, in Hungary there are about 250,000 children living under the poverty line. During school season every students in the country are being provided free food by the government, but during the two weeks of the winter holidays the under-privileged children are deprived of hot meal and adequate nutrition.

This year, ISKCON Hungary makes an extra effort to take care of the needs of these children. Besides the hot meal, the packages their families get have enough ingredients to cook from for weeks. Also to help them share the Christmas joy all other children are experiencing they also get candies, toys, crayons and other presents from the devotees.

It has been a tradition that every year, many celebrities join Food for Life Hungary for the Christmas food distribution. In 2014 there are mayors, parliament members, rock stars, television hosts, athletes, journalists, singers, composers and other artists lined up to hand out prasadam lunch as well as Christmas presents to thousands of needy families.,4745/

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