Why do you call this theology a science?

Published on Dec 27, 2014

Question: Why do you call this theology a science?

Answer: Krishna consciousness is a science because it has to do with observable reality; it is not based on blind faith.

One can perceive the reality of Krishna consciousness by following a method similar to the scientific process: hypothesis, experimentation, and conclusion.

Here’s an overview:
1. Reality is not reducible to mathematical equations. Those equations fail to account for two aspects of reality: consciousness and complex biological forms.
2. Reality includes consciousness, which falls into two categories. In one category is Krishna, or God. In the other category are we finite conscious souls.
3. Point 2 cannot be proved by empirical methods of investigation.
4. Point 2 can be proved when the soul becomes aware of his higher cognitive functions.
5. The process of Bhakti yoga is an experiment in which the body and mind are the apparatus, and in which rules of behavior are necessary (but not sufficient) conditions for success.
6. To practice Bhakti yoga requires guidance from a spiritual master who is Krishna’s pure representative.
7. Bhakti yoga centers on chanting Krishna’s name, which is spiritually identical to Him. Chanting thus puts one directly in touch with Krishna, purifying one’s consciousness. When one’s consciousness is purified, Krishna reveals Himself.
8. By bringing the soul into personal contact with Krishna, the process of Bhakti yoga enables one to understand reality at the deepest level.

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